Fluxus agency – Branding & Graphic Design

Brand (B.I.) /Corporate Identity (C.I.) is your foundation, your recognition among your competitors.

We listen to your company history and wishes, like journalists seeking through, we examine your brand and listen to your company statement.

Fluxus agency will then create and define a brand strategy and identify guidelines for your unique brand and / or all your brands/products.

Whether you wish a subtle ‘facelift’ or a complete make-over, we are translating your aspirations and deliver a selection of brand identity; naming and logos to provide you with a powerful brand and results.

Print Design: even obsessed with Facebook and Twitter, Thai consumers still look towards a brochure or catalogue before going online.

A good looking and well designed design (for print) is an excellent tool that highlights your key brand values in a format loved by your audience.  Our creative team can provide a comprehensive range of graphic design and print services to support and enhance your Design (for print)


Contact: vincent@fluxusagency.com


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