Fluxus Services

Fluxus agency – Online Marketing

In partnership with Rasterize (Japan & Singapore), we offer ONLINE MARKETING & ADVERTISING presence in Thailand, Japan, South Korea & Singapore Partnership with RASTERIZE (Japan & Singapore) Google AdWords  Certified partner To remain as a certified partner of AdWords, at least one of our staffs must pass the advanced examination of AdWords every year. This examination is updated […]


Fluxus agency – Media Relations

We creatively construct a PR/Media strategy within your designated budget and focus not just on the message but how to deliver it. PR/Media campaigns change or modify previous perceptions, drive sales, boost profile and get brand/product noticed. We are committed to push your product to, either directly with carefully selected medias and/or through our networking […]


Fluxus agency – Media Production & Rental Space

Fluxus agency can source professional photographers / videographers for your visual needs (events, product, fashion, interiors, architecture, jewelry, etc.) With more than 22 years of experience as photographer / contents producer, Vincent Sung can supervise or shoot your product(s) / brand(s) to achieve the highest quality visuals … In partnership with Rooftop studio (Thonglor) and Soy […]