“X” the Xhibition slowmotion x Tul Waitoonkiat

How to cope with “departing”.

A poet and A group of designers joined forces.


slowmotion, leading design studio with years of experiences in fashion, music, and creative industries, is introducing mix-media art exhibition based on Tul Waitoonkiat’s new set of 26 poems under the theme of “X”, which related to wide range of subjects from love to depression to politics.


Since writing is a common way of poets to heal their pain and cure a depression from breaking-up. Tul, a singer, a composer, and a poet, beautifully transforms his sorrow from ended relationship in to a flow of verses. slowmotion, starting from a curiosity to explore the way to deal with the feeling of loss in any aspect of life, designs art experience, based on graphic design with various materials and presentations.


This exhibiton is also a part of Bangkok Design Week 2020, which is under the theme of “Resilience” in digital era. The period will start from 1st to 16th February 2020 and end with the concert of Tul and Zweed n’ Roll on 14th February, Valentine’s day.


The exhibition will demonstrate that poetry is not just letters or words on the paper. It can be interpreted and modified through visual designs and art objects in order to expand the way to appreciate literature, the way to examine nature of life, and realize that art and the process of making art can be an effective therapy for people’s suffering.


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“X” the Xhibition

Location : Woof Pack building, Sala Daeng 1 Alley BTS Sala Daeng • MRT Lumpini

Date : 1st – 16th February 2020 Time : 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM

  • Valentine Concert & Party by Tul Waitoonkiat x Zweed n’ Roll Date : 14th February 2020

Time : 09:00 PM – 12:00 midnight

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