Surprising Gourmet Dining at The House Yenakart soi 2

THE HOUSE in Yen-Akat has explored Bangkok’s fast-developing cuisine in the last years at its maximum. The duo was been faced with the best-of-its-best – from all great to famous Chefs who have designed and created new food and styles, which all was good to fantastic. But at the end of a long dining experience, we had to ask ourselves – is this better than our Grandma´s cooking?

This major question led us to be motivated to turn the clock back to its origin. To its cooking style and tastes as our old grandparents used to spoil us with it.

No fusion – no mix – no experiments! The real authentic taste of ancient recipes, which kept secretly, we found, should be the new Today of Tomorrow!

This, as the sore base, was the motivation for Gigee & Matt to plan & to develop to perfection the idea of returning back in time and to serve their guest a unique dining experience, with dishes sourced from around the globe to serve a Traditional Home Cooking Cuisine, with fantastic smells and extraordinary tastes to you at THE HOUSE.

Located In Yen-Akart – Bangkok, we offer a Traditional Global Home Cooking Cuisine under a private Fine Dining in an old Thai house, surrounded by a Tranquil Garden in a Homey & Stylish Atmosphere with Art.

Experience a Seasonally Changing Set of a 9-Course-Menu, based on Ancient Recipes & Grandmas Secrets from different countries of the World, while you will learn about the story behind each dish.

THE HOUSE return to the Source of Traditional Dishes, prepared & cooked in Home-Cooking Style. Accomplished by selected Wines & Drinks, wrapped with a stylish old Thai-House & its artic touches and stories behind, to present you an unforgettable and extraordinary dining experience with tastes & smells you may have never experienced before – except at your Grandma´s home – where you have been pampered and always felt hearty welcomed – as much as at THE HOUSE!


Traditional home cooking plays a major role in THE HOUSE cuisine. It´s the grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who, generation after generation, have preserved ancient recipes and built upon them to ensure that they become essential dishes.

THE HOUSE cuisine is full of worldwide tastes & smells, and it evokes those memories that are always associated with good times in life. Remember, family reunions and celebrations, or even your favorite meal at your parents’ house, are some of the most inviting memories of being a child.

And that very feeling is exactly what we will bring back to you in our old Thai-House, surrounded by a tranquil garden, with a dedicated staff serving you traditional home-cooked dishes prepared by ancient recipes from around the globe.

Cooking in the “traditional way” has become a forgotten path of restaurant-kitchens, as many try new dishes and combine diverse recipes of this planet into a fusion-dish. Nevertheless, for us, we would like to take you back in time, where cooking has been prepared with essential ingredients and spices grown back in the motherland and cooked as they were supposed to be cooked 100 years ago.

Our Chef will create a seasonal changing menu of small savory dishes prepared with the help of these traditional recipes that we have collected from family-members and other grandma´s & grandpa´s met around the world from our travels throughout the last 40 years.

To give you a taste of it all, while using only high-quality products, we will serve you a fixe set of 7 and 9 tapas-sized dishes during your stay with us. Our menu changes seasonally and we rotate dishes approximately every 2-3 months to reflect the best ingredients at the time of year. All recipe origins and ingredients are sourced from the following locations:

Venezuela, Peru, Mexico; US: Hawaii, New Orleans, Texas; France, Italy, Germany, Swiss-Alsatian, Netherland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Tajikistan, Hungary, Rumania, Poland, Egypt, Morocco, South-Africa, Namibia, Scandinavia, & Guernsey (UK).

Our supplier’s source ingredients of top quality from all regions of the world, while others are carefully selected from local markets.

Our purpose is to offer a unique dining experience that the vibrant and stimulating city of Bangkok can offer. As the anchor of South-East-Asia, we are proud to offer you an exciting and flavorful dining experience at THE HOUSE.

And to make all of this even more unique and creative – only just before each serving, we will tell you about the dish that we’ve cooked for you. You will learn the story of the recipe, the history of its existence, and the exciting ingredients that make up the dish just before you take your first bite.

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