A breakthrough in Steinway’s mission to create the world’s finest pianos, the only remaining coveted Model D concert grand piano available globally has been allocated to Singapore

World-renowned piano maker Steinway & Sons unveil the Steinway Black Diamond piano at its Asia launch ceremony in Singapore on 17 October 2019. The Steinway Black Diamond Piano is the fruit of the artistic collaboration between esteemed American furniture designer Dakota Jackson and the virtuoso Steinway Artist Lang Lang. Inspired by the rarity of the black diamond, these limited-edition Steinway pieces are extremely exclusive with only eight Model D concert grand pianos and 88 Model B classic grand pianos available in the world. In Singapore, two Limited Edition Black Diamond pianos (one black, one Macassar ebony) were pre-sold ahead of its official launch.

Steinway Black Diamond concert grand piano model D-274 in Macassar ebony

With its lustrous metallic accents and sweeping lines, the Steinway Black Diamond is a testament to Jackson’s artistic expression. From the three slender diamond-shaped silhouettes punctuating the line of the rim to the elegant S-shaped topstick, the Steinway Black Diamond’s immaculate silhouette captures the brilliance and spirit of Lang Lang’s extraordinary talents. The personal touch is provided by Lang Lang’s signature on each Limited Edition. “This Steinway has not only the look but the sound, the emotion, the touch,” said Lang Lang, the first Steinway Artist to be involved in the development of a Steinway grand.

Every Steinway Black Diamond comes equipped with the revolutionary SPIRIO | r technology, which offers exclusive high-resolution recording and playback for professional and amateur pianists. It presents new tools of expression and advanced ways to access, share, and experience performance. The world-class SPIRIO music library also consists of exclusive performances from Steinway Artists ranging from classical pianists like Lang Lang to jazz stars like Diana Krall and pop artists like Billy Joel, as well as historic performances by Steinway Legends like Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Arthur Rubinstein.

As the maker of the world’s finest pianos since 1853, Steinway & Sons has continually pushed boundaries and has led the revolution of bringing artistry, craftsmanship, and technological advancement together. While still adhering to traditions that have not changed in over a century, the Steinway Black Diamond continuously adapts cutting-edge technology to its creations. The Steinway Black Diamond takes the lead as the company enters a new era of evolution.

“The Steinway Black Diamond is truly one of its kind,” says Celine Goh, General Manager of Steinway Gallery Singapore. “Each detail was planned and crafted meticulously, and it is a testament to the work that goes behind creating each Steinway Black Diamond. We are excited by the warm reception our Asia launch has garnered. It has drawn interest among ultra-high-net-worth individuals in Singapore as well as the region — including the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and China — who either have homes in or reside in Singapore.”