SIDance to open with ULTIMA VEZ ‘Trap Town’ on Oct. 02, 2019


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Wim Vandekeybus is one of the high-profile dance artists who are leading the Flemish Dance Wave in contemporary dance since the 1980’s. In, he takes the audience to a parallel universe, free from defined time and space. Conflicts from the early days and curious strange catastrophes dominate the relationships between the people in the dystopia. As a true storyteller fascinated with ancient myths, he shows off his excellence as a visual artist in this new creation. A choreographic report on human violence.

About the Choreographer

Wim Vandekeybus

Wim Vandekeybus is a choreographer representing ‘the Flemish Dance Wave.’ He is not limited to choreographers but also plays as a dancer, a film artist, and an actor. He is leading the European dance scene with a pluralistic and advanced stage performance called ‘Dance Theater’, a mix of dance, theater, and video. Under the influence of his veterinarian father, his artistic motif was inspired by the instinctive life that he felt watching animals. Tension, conflict, body versus mind, risks, impulses, physicality, passion, intuition, and instinct. These are essential elements that will always be part of Vandekeybus’ work. He founded the Ultima Vez in 1986. In December 2012 Vandekeybus received the Keizer Karel prize from the Province of East Flanders, the prize that is given to an artist as a mark of his exceptional talent in the field of art and culture in every three years. In 2013 Wim Vandekeybus and Ultima Vez became the 6th laureate of the Evens Arts Prize.

About the Company

Ultima Vez

Ultima Vez was founded in 1986 as the company of choreographer, director, and filmmaker Wim Vandekeybus. Ultima Vez features diversity and originality. As matched the group’s name, ‘The Last Moment’, it features the movements of the body close to the extreme, the rough and dynamic movements of the dancers who run, roll, spin, hang, throw and bump without a break as if the body were a battlefield of emotion. It is also popular among young audiences with its powerful sound that makes rock music sound powerful. Since its foundation, Ultima Vez has intensively developed its activities as an international contemporary dance company with a strong base in Brussels and Flanders.

Origin: Belgium 

10.02.WED 20:00 / 10.03.THU 16:00 

SAC CJ Towol Theater 

Running time : 100 min. 

Ticket Price : R 80,000   S 60,000   A 40,000   B 20,000


Direction, Choreography & Film: Wim Vandekeybus
Created With & Performed By Maria Kolegova, Tanja Marín Friðjónsdóttir, Kristina Alleyne, Sade Alleyne, Kit King, Flavio D’Andrea, Alexandros Anastasiadis, Mufutau Yusuf
Text: Pieter De Buysser
Story Line: Wim Vandekeybus & Pieter De Buysser
Music: Trixie Whitley, Phoenician Drive
Scenography: Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez
Movement Assistant: German Jauregui, Milan Herich & Máté Mészáros
Dramaturgy: Jerry Killick, Angelo Dello Spedale
Artistic Assistant: Aïda Gabriëls
Costume Design: Isabelle Lhoas
Assistant Costume Design: Lieve Meeussen
Technical Coordination: Davy Deschepper, Tom de With
Light Design: Nicolas Olivier, Wim Vandekeybus
Sound Engineer: Bram Moriau
Stage Manager: Tom De With
Production Film: MARIE-HÉLÈNE Van Quickenborne, Joop Haesen
Producer: Ultima Vez
Co-Producer: KVS (Brussels), C-Mine (Genk)
Director Of Photography & Camera: Patrick Otten
Sound Design: Charo Calvo, Bram Moriau
With The Support Of Tax Shelter Measure of The Belgian Federal Government, Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter EMPOWERED BY BELFIUS
Ultima Vez Is Supported By The Flemish Authorities, The Flemish Community Commission Of The Brussels Capital Region.