To stand in front of something completely pure and untouched is a rare moment of wonder, especially since we are no longer used to deal with an absence of addictions. But fashion grows in discomfort and gains speed in attrition. It grows from the collision of opposites. That is why the ‘Sangue Novo’ show excites us and makes us sit on the edge of our chair, and brings butterflies back into our stomach: because it disarms. This is where the beauty of creativity lies, with no rules nor obligations. This is where freedom lives.

We need ‘Sangue Novo’ like we need oxygen. New talent is as essential to a clear and unobtrusive vision as breathing is. We reopened the contest to the world and made it yearly. The jury is composed by Miguel Flor (President), who won Sangue Novo back in 1996, and has since been a major name in fashion, design, art, and photography, adding to his creative multiplicity the direction of the magazine Prinçipal while constantly working on the discovery of new talents; Bosnian-born fashion designer Lidija Kolovrat studied fashion and film in Zagreb, Croatia, who moved to Lisbon in 1990 to create a brand that became an icon of creativity; and finally but not least Veronique Branquinho, a Belgian fashion designer with Portuguese descent, who studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in mythical Antwerp, who adds to her eponymous brand experience, teaching, curating, directing and editing.

The call for young designers was sent to the main national, European and American fashion schools. Through online sharing, we received 82 applications from Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United States of America.

From the 59 Portuguese and 23 international portfolios that arrived at ModaLisboa offices, 10 finalists were chosen and, in the first phase, will present their collections on October 11, 2019: André Santos, Beatriz Julião, Cêlá, Feliciano, Ferencz Borbala (Romania), Filipe Cerejo, Flávia Brito (Brazil), Francisco Pereira, Inês Manuel Baptista and Louis Appelmans (Belgium). In the same day Adriano Batista (Director of Fucking Young! Magazine, the freshest, most pertinent, disruptive streetwear and menswear magazine of the moment) and Danilo Venturi (Director of Polimoda, the best fashion school in Italy, and one of the top ten in the world) join the judging panel and announce the six designers who will move on to the next phase of the contest. Each finalist will receive a cash prize of 1000 euros and present a new collection in March 2020, when the jury will select the Sangue Novo winners.


ModaLisboa Award in partnership with Polimoda: Master in Fashion Design, or Master in Collection Design, at Polimoda + 3500 euros.

ModaLisboa Prize in partnership with Tintex Textiles: 3-week residency at Tintex + 2000 euros.

Fashionclash Festival Award: Fashion Show at Maastricht Fashion Festival.

The Feeting Room Prize (awarded at both stages of the contest): The award-winning collection will be sold at The Feeting Room store in Lisbon or Porto.

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