The #1 Single Malt in Asia* – Singleton is shaking things up with a unique whiskey social experience that is all about unpretentious chilling, good food, and mates. Enter Singleton Social – a series of social experiences shared with friends that highlights the perfectly balanced flavor of The Singleton.

Approachable and inclusive, The Singleton disperses the notion that whiskey is prim and proper. Where single malts are perceived to be serious and intimidating, the Singleton is fun and laid-back. The Singleton believes that there should be NO RULES in Scotch, that you should enjoy whiskey however you like – making it the perfect whiskey with which to start your journey into the world of single malts.


For this first edition, The Singleton partnered with Mark Tay of Sunday Punch and dude-food extraordinaire Bjorn Shen of Artichoke, to host a laidback and casual whiskey tasting like never seen before. Held at Artichoke, the evening affair married casual communal dining with the deliciously smooth Singleton 12.

A truly unconventional whiskey social experience that is all casual and chill, with none of the seriousness in traditional whiskey tastings, this partnership with Artichoke was the ultimate rebellion against the guardians of the old whiskey world where the only food pairing worthy of a single malt is fine-dining cuisine or chocolate.

With that in mind, Bjorn created the ultimate 3-wave soul food menu featuring Middle Eastern delights that prioritized substance over form and championed the use of local produce – the perfect comfort food combination for the Singleton Social experience. Dishes included sharing platters of hummus and spice mushrooms, eggplant bayildi, calamari shawarma, and Singleton-infused smoked salmon pancake.

Perfectly complementing the dishes and stretching the tastebuds further, Mark Tay of pre-batched DIY cocktails Sunday Punch, curated two unique drinks featuring Singleton that highlighted the versatility of the perfectly balanced liquid while showcasing an alternative approach to whiskey-based tipples; Son of a Peach and Coco Nitro Cold Brew.  While the whiskey connoisseur eschews a single malt cocktail with a passion, this cavalier approach to single malts gives guests a new unpretentious (and unapologetic) perspective on enjoying single malts.

Daytime-inspired Son of a Peach takes a grown-up (and cheeky) approach to the quintessential summer drink that highlights the fruity flavor notes in the Singleton 12YO, with homemade peach syrup (hot-infused with rosemary) and cold-infused black tea and a touch of vermouth for balance. On the other end of the spectrum – the robust and rich Coco Nitro Cold Brew entices with cold brew coffee, coconut water, and Singleton 12YO. The nitro-charged cold brew coffee gives the cocktail a creamy texture much like a stout while the coconut water adds an uplifting sweetness for a rich but easy flavor profile.

Further amplifying the versatility of Singleton, Bjorn specially curated a dish for the evening that fully embodied “soulful comfort food” – French toast with fried chicken, whipped Singleton butter and barbecued pineapple topped with maple syrup.

Bjorn says: “I developed this sweet-savory dish of fried chicken and maple syrup with the whipped Singleton butter acting as a bridge to connect elements together. Salted butter is whipped until airy with the Singleton slowly emulsifying into the butter, resulting in a light meringue-like texture that melts into a foam when it touches the hot French toast. The addition of smoky barbecued pineapple gives an extra bite of tart juice that allows more dimension with every bite”.

Join the Singleton Social Squad

Squad up and get ready for the next Singleton Social at Urban Ventures on 5th October, 3pm ‘til late at Singapore’s hottest street – Keong Saik.  Expect good food, excellent drinks and quality music that will tickle your tastebuds and tingle your eardrums! RSVP here.

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About The Singleton

One of 3 expressions of the #1 Single Malt in Asia – The Singleton of Dufftown, named after the famous town that sits at the heart of the Speyside region of Scotland from which it originates, comes in three core variants: the 12-Year-Old, the 15-Year-Old, and the 18-Year-Old. Characterized by its smooth and fruity taste, the perfectly balanced and award-winning single malt is the result of the careful selection of casks and a very gentle maturation process.

The Singleton of Dufftown Tasting Notes

Singleton 12 is an amber liquid with an aroma of polished wood and toasted nuts, with the delicious fragrance of baked apples and soft brown sugar, before giving way to a mossy note. It is best enjoyed with a splash of water to bring out its subtly sweet and fruity flavors.

Singleton 15 delivers a warm taste of toffee apple, hints of honeycomb with linseed oil and hints of the sea. As a slightly spicy single malt, it is recommended with milk chocolate to bring out its sweetness or with praline to complement its elegant woody finish.

Singleton 18 is a rich whiskey which opens with the taste of nuts, dark toffee, gentle mint, and rhubarb and apple juice. Reminiscent of the sweet, stewed fruits, ripe autumn apples, and rich berries, this finely structured single malt dry into a rich, silky cocoa bitterness before introducing an oakiness with a touch of black pepper. It is best enjoyed on its own or over ice to bring out its nutty and spicy dryness.

*Source: IWSR 2018 Vol. Data

Please Drink Responsibly