#FindTheLockerRoom Presents Brand New Menu – VOL. 3

Launch of New Cocktail Menu – Vol. 3

Acclaimed speakeasy bar #FindTheLockerRoom launches a new cocktail menu, Vol. 3. Started in 2017, #FindTheLockerRoom stayed true to its concept of serving up “Past-Present-Future” drinks. Designed to bring its guests through the journey of each classic, from a rich history to the endless possibilities it has brought and could bring. 
Presenting six new sets of three “Past-Present-Future” cocktails, each set paying homage to various liqueur and classics, namely Million Dollar Cocktail for Gin, El Presidente for Rum, Hunter for Bourbon Whiskey, Margarita for Tequila, Blood & Sand for Scottish Whisky, and Brandy Alexander for Cognac.

In addition, #FindTheLockerRoom brings back two sets of the crowd favorites from its very first menu. Bloody Mary set which consists of its classic, The Harakiri (Present) and Bloodless Maria (Future), and Dark & Stormy (Past) set, which consists of Green Day in Bangkok (Present) and Dark Days (Future). This allows new visitors an opportunity to taste the drinks from the pioneer #FindTheLockerRoom’s menu and gives appreciation to its regulars for their constant support.

Launch of The Botanist Bar 

In collaboration with The Botanist, Islay Dry Gin, #FindTheLockerRoom’s first-floor space is converted into The Botanist Bar. Bringing justice to the foragers who search across the hills, bogs, and shores of Islay to create this beautiful complex floral gin, #FindTheLockerRoom created four cocktails using The Botanist and named them close to its roots, namely Fruit, Leaf, Root, and Wood. Each cocktail emphasis on the various flavors of the botanicals in The Botanist, either the sweetness of the guava, the various spices of wood, or the grassy aroma of the leaves. Discover the complexity of the well-balanced Botanist Gin in one of the four cocktails.

Appointment of Group Beverage Director – Rojanat Chareonsri “Ping” 

#FindTheLockerRoom is delighted to announce the appointment of new Group Beverage Director – Rojanat Chareonsri “Ping”. Having more than a decade of experience from Washington D.C. to Bangkok, Ping has a wealth of knowledge on the classics and contemporary cocktails.