Moda Lisboa Collective at Lisboa Fashion Week 2019

Fashion’s role is to interpret the present to think about the future. Is to bring from the past the necessary knowledge to move forward. It’s not by chance that, in the two previous seasons, runways have been filled by apocalyptic scenarios and pieces that wrap us like a cocoon, a protection against the uncertainty of tomorrow: it’s because today, more than ever, we are completely aware that we have the duty to be active on the frontline.

And the only way to do it it’s by going back to the genesis of fashion, to ModaLisboa’s DNA: rejecting the ego, the shallowness, the announced endings. We move forward, together. We move from one place to another, this time to the Military Old Uniforms and Equipment Manufactories, in partnership with Lisbon’s Town Hall, and we do it because we refuse to stay put within a comfort zone.  We do it because it’s a change that makes us grow. We do it because we believe, since day one, that the individual shine of each one of us makes an even bigger whole.

COLLECTIVE is the belief of union. It’s plurality in a word. From 10 to 13 of October, we forge new channels of communication in all platforms touched by fashion. We go up to Sinel de Cordes Palace and to Santa Clara’s Market, we inhabit Lisbon’s, free heart. We have shows, talks, exhibitions and events within the bigger event, so all voices are heard, so all voices are united in one. We question, we start over, we build again, we work together towards a more sustainable fashion industry, fairer, ethical, bigger. We work together for a better world. We do not have fear to answer back because we never had the fear to ask. And much less from moving forward. Fashion is the future. And the future is collective.