Artisan luxury leather brand Monarchy London will be launching its online brand in Asia on 24th September with its first exclusive worldwide Private Oyster Sale.

Born and bred in London, Monarchy London represents a fusion of cultures for the contemporary gentleman. Its first Private Oyster Sale in Asia will showcase its hallmark leather designed goods, featuring limited-edition classics that are 100% handcrafted with no repeated production.

Inspired by the clash between the punk subculture from the ’70s in Great Britain and the refinement of the British aristocracy, Monarchy London redefines modern gentleman fashion with its fusion of tradition and modernity. True to its name, the brand Monarchy embodies the conventional with the combinative blend of the “A” symbol that epitomizes Anarchy and the brand’s spirit of rebellion.

Tailored and handcrafted from scratch with a no-repeat product principle, each collection delivers its own unique identity that is truly unlike any other. Made from full-grain leather without exterior canvas nor plastic to honor the leather’s natural luxury, Monarchy London bags are emblematic of the pure, noble and the real. Creative Director Philippe Loup shares that “our first debut collection in Asia will be the first exclusive classic collection, where future design collaborations will spin-off from”.

The classic signature black color reflects the core of the brand’s marriage between the classy and the audacious. Contemporary collections like The Dynasty and The Herald will be featured for the opening private Oyster Sale launch. The Dynasty’s avant-garde traditional streamlined travel bags and The Herald’s full-grain calfskin all-black bags will be the real showstoppers of this first exclusive showcase.

The Dynasty Collection

The Herald Collection

The first of its kind as an all-online luxury boutique with no physical outlet, Monarchy London removes retail intermediary costs by moving all its product sales and auctions online. In line with their ‘One World’ philosophy and vision for the brand, Monarchy London aims to create an exclusive global shopping experience for the every-gentleman.

Its first exclusive private online sale in Asia will launch on the 24th of September till the end of October, featuring their handcrafted leather products for a one-time-only sale. After which, only staple items such as leather accessories and wallets will be available on their e-commerce site. Early buyers are entitled to 30% off during the first two days after the launch with pre-registrations available at http://www.monarchy- Fastest fingers first!