Look into the Future of Asia’s Media and Entertainment Industry at All That Matters 2019

Conference to spark discussions on new and innovative trends within Music, Sports, Gaming, Digital, and Marketing, connecting the global entertainment ecosystem with Asia

All That Matters, Asia’s leading sports and entertainment industry conference, is returning to Singapore for its 14th staging, serving as global brands’ gateway to Asia’s vibrant entertainment scene. This year, All That Matters 2019, themed Access All Areas, will be held at the Ritz-Carlton from 16 to 18 September and will host an array of speakers across various media and entertainment subsectors, providing a unique platform to connect the entertainment ecosystem in Asia.

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With over 180 speakers confirmed, All That Matters 2019 is set to raise the bar yet again this year, with its signature Music, Sports, Gaming, Digital, and Marketing tracks. Presented by Tencent Music Entertainment, Music Matters will feature a keynote from TME’s CEO Cussion Pang, as well as insights from global music conglomerate Universal Music Group, Spotify and YouTube. Sports Matters will showcase thought leadership from FIFA, Arsenal FC, LaLiga and Formula One. Gaming Matters will feature a keynote from FaZe Clan’s CEO Lee Trink and global brands such as Twitch, Allied Esports and Unity Technologies. PCCW Media, Twitter, and Facebook will provide insights for Digital Matters; and Mastercard, The Coca-Cola Company, and Dentsu Aegis Network for Marketing Matters, among many others.

The entertainment industry is increasingly driven by rapid digitalization and mobilization around accessing the content. Online video consumption is forecasted to increase by more than threefold in key Asia Pacific markets between 2017 and 2022, accounting for more than 75% of all traffic consumption in the region by 2022. A faster internet connection and low subscription costs have worked in favor of streaming services. Gaming subscription services are steadily on the rise, following the widespread adoption and success of on-demand music and TV entertainment streaming applications in the region.

“Access to content has become the name of the game, necessitating entertainment brands to increasingly adapt to shifting consumer expectations and work on delivering omnichannel experiences. Data and analytics have been playing a crucial role in personalizing content and customizing entertainment experiences based on information such as subscribers’ viewing habits,” said Jasper Donat, Founder, and CEO of Branded Ltd., the Asia Pacific live media company behind All That Matters. “Following its momentum in past years, All That Matters 2019 aims to connect the different entertainment sub-sectors through an exciting program lineup featuring insights from the most innovative and forward-thinking companies, serving as an avenue to access all areas of Asia’s media and entertainment future.”

All That Matters 2019 presents a forum to discuss the latest topics in the entertainment space, some of the key panels for this year include:

Twitch Gaming Matters Marketers Forum

Branded & Twitch, in association with SCOGA and the World Federation of Advertisers, have joined together to produce the Twitch Gaming Matters Marketers Forum, a 101 on how brands can get into gaming, in answer to a growing request from many brand marketers for more “how-to” information about working with the gaming industry.

The Festivalisation of Entertainment

Retail or on-ground entertainment experiences are evolving fast to keep pace with new behaviors – and expectations – of consumers, who want to be engaged in various and new ways complementing and often mirroring their online time spent. The panel delves on what’s next in holographic experiences in on-stage or on-pitch performances, ticketing, and loyalty programs, sponsor activation and consumer concessions to drive repeat business.

F1: 21st Century Entertainment

The panel addresses some of the new initiatives to reach new audiences including F1 Netflix Series, social media, fan festivals around the world, ESports, Fashion & Music collaborations

The globalization of Music and What that Means for Artists in Asia

With the proliferation of streaming services and ease of digital distribution, music is now truly global. Borders are being broken and genres melding. From the explosion of KPOP in the west, Indian music topping global charts, and consumers having access to music from all over the globe, what does this mean for the music industry in Asia as well as artists and labels looking to enter the market?

Crazy Rich Gamers: The 100-Million-Dollar Club

The biggest and most visible deals in gaming in the past year have been with esports teams, a number of them crossing US$100m in valuation. All That Matters 2019 brings together Mike Milanov, the COO of Team Liquid, Adrian Montgomery, CEO, Enthusiast Gaming Entertainment, and Veteran Esports Personality Susie Kim, among others, to talk about how they are spending all the millions that they have raised.

Gaming Demystified: Unlocking Brand Growth Opportunities in Video Gaming

What was once a niche, close-knit culture has become a global phenomenon: gaming is bigger than both music and film, and esports is set to rival traditional sports in terms of global popularity. The discussion focuses on opportunities brands should not ignore, and how they can avoid pitfalls and understand how to play by the rules of engagement. Learn how to distinguish Twitch from Douyu, and Ninja from Cloud9 in an eye-opening panel around the world of gaming and esports for marketers.

From Strength to Strength: Asia Streaming Update

Leading international and regional services and label groups give an update on the streaming business across Asia. How does streaming continue to evolve across the region? How are streaming services

helping to expose music from across Asia to new markets and help expand international opportunities? What are some exciting developing markets and what are some current barriers to growth?

The full conference program is available on their website.

Complementing the conference, Music Matters Live returns for its 14th year (and 9th in Singapore) from 13 to 18 September, showcasing some of the brightest and most promising bands and artists from Asia and beyond. For six nights, 50 artists from 15 countries will perform over 100 shows during the city-wide festival, which visitors can attend for free.

Tickets are now on sale for All That Matters 2019 – for more information visit the website at http://www.allthatmatters.asia/main/

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