Isaan Tawandaeng – Bangkok

Get Downhome at Bangkok’s Country Music Venues

Bangkok’s many contemporary clubs, bars, and nightspots belie the fact that the vast majority of Thais prefer homegrown sounds to flashy foreign imports. Thai country music, which is known as Luk Thung, is hugely popular among many Thais in Bangkok, especially migrants from the upcountry heartlands of Isaan and the north.

Modern Luk Thung veers towards power ballads, but the traditional stuff retains its sing-along, tear-in-your-beer, appeal. Several music halls host daily performances of Luk Thung and on weekends they become packed with migrant workers whose level of boisterousness is commensurate with the flow of alcohol. Among these venues, Isaan Tawandaeng and Isaan Tur Tur come highly recommended.