Hot Destination in Vietnam: Phu Quoc

by Nigel D’Sa & Vincent Sung – Fluxus Agency


A journey along the southern coast of Vietnam is not complete without a visit to Phu Quoc, the country’s largest and westernmost island located off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand. Known for its idyllic white-sand beaches and resorts, a good third of the island is part of Phu Quoc National Park, making it an ecotourism destination as well. The island features mountains, tropical jungle and flora, hiking trails, waterfalls, and diverse wildlife.

Duong Dong is the largest town, celebrated for its sprawling night markets offering crafts, local fashions, and a plethora of fresh fish restaurants. As Phu Quoc is home to the world’s finest fish sauce, and to some of the best black pepper, a local dining experience is not to be missed. Another highlight is the sensational ice cream made by giggling street market vendors on the spot from fresh fruit of your choice!

The Phu Quoc International Airport connects the island to the major mainland cities and to various international cities such as Bangkok, Seoul, Kuala Lampur and various Chinese cities. The island can also be reached by ferry service from Vietnamese port city Ha Tien. Since 2016, tourists flying into Phu Quoc and out again can take advantage of the island’s visa exemption status.


Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

Recently opened in late 2017, we were curious to experience the much talked about Fusion Resort Phu Quoc. Situated on a tranquil golden sand beach perfect for morning strolls and sunsets, the resort has the added charm of a nearby river and tropical forest, great for kayaking and leisurely hikes. Arriving, we were impressed by the stately wood designs, the tall slanted roof and hanging lamps, and the welcome staff at reception. The Fusion brand bills itself as a spa-inclusive wellness resort and this is both accurate and an understatement.

My first full day started with a phenomenal breakfast buffet, an antidote to the fast food and urban mayhem I had just came from in Bangkok.  After seating myself on the restaurant terrace surrounded by very verdant lotus ponds and a clear view of the ocean, I perused the breakfast selection: an array of fresh juices, locally grown fruits and vegetables, organic yogurt, flavorful cheeses, exotic nuts, and a balanced variety of Vietnamese, Western, and Chinese dishes. An a la carte menu, coffee, and teas, made everything perfect.

The Maia spa was also fantastic with a variety of treatments to look forward to each day. Must try experiences are the locally sourced pepper scrub, the coconut scrub, and the traditional Vietnamese massage. The masseuses did not speak English but their hands did all the talking, demonstrating highly trained and intuitive skills. Along with the sauna, the inclusive yoga, tai-chi, meditation, cardio, and high-intensity workouts, there are a variety of ways to kick-start your morning. Combined with the kayaking, the fresh juices, and clean air, it wasn’t long before a major detox breakthrough was underway.

The layout of the villas and their interior design are also impressive. Spacious with quality traditional furnishings, and an all wood bathtub, all villas come with private patio, pool, and lawn. The lovely cobblestone walls are just high enough for privacy but low enough for great views of the hills, jungle, and river. The thatched straw roofing gave the resort a nice village feel. Buggy service was easily available but after getting oriented we enjoyed walking the grounds.

With the sunset, we recommend the pool and beach bar Soul Kitchen which has daily 2-for-1 happy hours at very reasonable prices. Steps away facing the beach, the huge round infinity pool is a great place to chill out, mix with other guests, play with the kids, or take a dip with your sweetheart. All in all, Fusion Phu Quoc offers the best of both worlds, health and well-being, pleasure and indulgence.  Combining them gracefully is the art of life and the art of Fusion. 

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 Since its launch in 2008, Fusion has become a leading innovator of wellness-inspired hotels and resorts and is now the only fully vertically integrated hospitality company in Southeast Asia. Under one roof, Fusion conceptualizes, designs, builds and manages beachside resorts and city hotels through its uniquely branded hospitality concepts.  Fusion has opened six resorts and hotels in Vietnam so far, with a team now boasting more than 1,500 employees, including 300 spa specialists. At present, guests can experience Fusion’s original “all-spa inclusive” concept, and “breakfast anytime, anywhere” service, along with their inventive approach to the hospitality sector, in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Phu Quoc. The Fusion catalog of brands currently includes:             

Fusion Resorts: Where contemporary original design meets traditional Vietnamese charm. Home to Fusion’s unique “all-spa inclusive” service, Fusion Resorts fully embrace the combination of ultimate wellness with a rejuvenating and down-to-earth lifestyle, all in natural, picturesque surroundings.

Fusion Suites: As well-located city hotels in key business and tourism hubs, Fusion Suites redefines holistic living and brings a wellness-inspired vacation experience to today’s urban adventurers. As 21st-century city life continues to accelerate, Fusion Suites aim to bring balance and harmony to the urban jungle through healthy and nutritious food and drink options, daily spa journeys included in the room rate, and original and rejuvenating interior design.

Fusion Retreats: Designed for ultimate relaxation, the six-star Fusion Retreats not only embrace a premier yet down-to-earth lifestyle, incorporating many of Fusion’s unique concepts, these semi-isolated locations also offer extended wellness journeys, including anti-aging, healing, or detoxification experiences. They aim to go well beyond the typical offerings of hotel or resort-based spas.

Fusion Originals: These individually-branded Originals do not share a consistent style. Instead, Fusion tailors each hotel according to its location, giving travelers a distinct taste of a city’s culture and cuisine through a consistent ethos. Each Original carries the name of a pioneer, inventor or artist who has changed the world in some way. While Fusion Originals don’t aim to change the world, they’re certainly a good place to start.