Kolour in the Park (March 18-19, 2017)

Kolour In The Park

Words by Millie Ho – Photos by Sung Studio (www.vincentsung.com)
Kolour In The Park was a sensational open air techno and house party event thrown by Kolour at Thai Wake Park during the March 18-19 weekend. The two-day event featured ten international electronic musical acts and attracted thousands of attendees, from local Thais to expats and travelers. There was live graffiti art, pro wakeboarding, arts and gourmet food vendors, and a host of other activities that stretched into the early hours of the morning. This is the third year of the event, and Kolour In The Park is showing no signs of slowing down.

Tickets started at THB1,300, which granted attendees access to all the makings of a great time: open, natural scenery with lakes for swimming and water activities, delicious and diverse international food, arts and crafts, and, of course, great music from electronic acts like Romania’s ATMA and Thailand’s own Nakadia. An hour-long beer free flow, sponsored by Singha for both days, completed the event by keeping the manic crowds cool and energized.

Before going to Kolour In The Park, attendees were encouraged to bring cash to buy food and drinks and to wear water-friendly clothing, such as swimsuits and flip flops, to make the most of the wake park. After arriving around noon, the warm-up stage would already be playing (Tek Harrington, Ekception, and Roman Rauch on Saturday, March 18; Nayla, Dark White, and Absolud on Sunday, March 19), followed by an hour or so of break time, where unique dishes (like a Korean and Mexican fusion meal) could be purchased from the many gourmet vendor stalls and trucks nearby.

It was not uncommon to make new friends throughout the event, especially when the main stage acts came on (X0809, Coran, Wankelmut, Adana Twins, Animal Trainer, and Nakadia on March 18; Sameed, Ava Asante, Autograf, Tube & Berger, and ATMA on March 19) and elbows and knees started bumping into each other. The attendees were as diverse as the food and music, ranging from techno music enthusiasts to travel app developers and professionals.

“I wanted a break from my usual routine,” a lawyer said. “Coming to Kolour is a great way for me to unwind!”

A professor who has been working in Bangkok for over ten years shared the same sentiment. “I travel all over Asia, but I love techno music, so I keep coming back here.”

The musicians weren’t the only ones performing. A graffiti artist near the main stage did live art, spray-painting “LOVE” in colourful, bright letters to match the charged and friendly atmosphere of the event. When the sun dropped and the fog machine and neon stage lights came on, the crowd moved as one, barefooted, decked out in glow-in-the-dark accessories and dancing with the bass and beats, channeling their live performance artistry.

Once midnight rolled around, attendees headed over to the lake stage for the afterparty (Dott & Ellie, Boris Rubin, Sunju Hargun, and Dan Buri on March 18; Oliver Osbourne and Koish on March 19), which ended the event on a high note with memories to last for a lifetime.

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