Listen to the Cities – Research Forum of Thai-Korean Contemporary Performing Arts

Listen to the Cities

Research Forum of Thai-Korean Contemporary Performing Arts

21 March 2015 (Sat), 1-6pm

at Korean Cultural Center

Moderator : Pawit Mahasarinand

Platform and Distribution

  • “The Current state and Changes of Korean Performing Arts”

Kyu Choi (Creative Producer, Chief Executive, Dramaturg of ASIA NOW)

  • “Strategy of strengthen and distribution for the Arts”

Euna Im (International Dept. of Korea Art Management Service)

  • “Thai Contemporary Theatre and trend”

Pawit Mahasarinand (Artistic Director of World Performances @Drama Chula, President of IATC-TC)

Exploring arts

  • “Exploring spaces”

Jongyeon Yoon (Director of Ansan Street Art Festival, President of Korean Street Art Centre)

  • “Extensibility of network on the creative art spaces”

Hyunah Lee (Manager of Mulle Art Space of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)

  • “How the artists to touch the people”

Teerewat Mulvillai (Director of B-floor Theatre Company, Co-director of International Butoh Festival)


  • Pavinee Samakkabutr (Co-artistic Director of Democrazy Theatre Studio)
  • Leon Wasurat Unaprom (Artistic Director of Thong Lor Art Space)

* Korean, Thai consecutive interpretation will be provided.

* Reservation/Info 02 651 0165

* Facebook :Listen to the Cities

Hosted by Korea Arts Management Service

Listen to the Cities

“Listen to the Cities” is a research forum of Thai-Korean contemporary performing arts. It aims to develop mutual understanding and to build networks between Korea and Thailand. A good illustration of how the art has worked is a city, which is showing the universality and contemporaneity in present. It’s a metaphor to what people are really interested in and what they’re watched right now.

Talking about background and trends of contemporary performing arts, platform and distribution. We can share substantive information with cultural arts intermediaries – organizers, producers, directors, and artists. Furthermore, we can explore the ways for sustainability.

* This project is following up the “mannam : Urban Myth”, a creative artist residency in Bangkok in 2014.

Roundtables, 19-20 MAR at Democrazy Theatre Studio, Thong Lor Art Space

Forum & Networking Party, 21 MAR at Korean Cultural Center

Organized by Korean Cultural Center in Thailand

Supported by Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea

Cooperated by Democrazy Studio, ThongLor Art Space

Media Designed by NONCITIZEN

A Midsummer Night's Dream (phpto_Patrick Anderson) Beyond Binary(Bahucharamata)photo_ AsiaNow Listen-to-the-Cities-Poster-A3_150302 ONE DAY, MAYBE(Unjenga)Photo_ Jiwoo Nam Solider's Tale(Byungsa Iyagi)photo_MF.Plissart Tale of Samulnori(Samul Nori Iyagi)Photo_Brett   Boardman

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