Nagicia by Tricia Kim ~ A Treasure from the Island of the Gods

  • Beautifully hand-made Jewellery and Handbags
    A brand is born:
    The new Millennium, the year 2000, Nagicia came to fruition in mystical Katmandu, Nepal. The name was a natural marriage of the nickname Naga (Dragon) with Tricia.Tricia Kim moved from Seoul, South Korea to New York at an early age. She grew up interacting with people from diverse cultures.Her love for beauty and drawing skills lead her to a fashion illustration class at the prestigious Parsons School of Design at age 14.

    This led to further studies in fine arts at Parson NY and Paris, and culminated in a BFA / sculpture from the School of Visual Arts.

    Apprenticeship with famous art furniture maker Norman Peterson in San Francisco is where she began to hand craft her own jewelry. Selling at street fairs and craft galleries, she moved back to NYC to apprentice with high-end goldsmith Jenny Lessard.

    Working in the ancient art of granulation and casting pieces in platinum caught the eye of John Hardy. In 1997, John Hardy invited Tricia to move to Bali to oversee his sample-making department in Mambal, Bali. Numerous trips to Bangkok introduced the JH audience to a precious gemstone and gold collection.

    The new millennium lead to a year of travel through 9 countries in SE Asia. The spiritual trek with the observations of the daily rituals of Buddhism and Hinduism has left an indelible mark. The culmination of this with the years of training and working with diverse materials gives birth to Nagicia.
    All the collections are infused with an insightful message of health and beauty for the wearer.

    In 2013, Chinese-American fellow New Yorker Amy Chao met Tricia in Bali, and the union of the dragon and phoenix brought about the expansion of the organic flowing curves and DNA of Nagicia jewelry into handbags. Amy strongly identifies with the energy and beauty of the phoenix from her heritage, proudly wearing one on her back. She brings an extensive repertoire of experience from the handbag industry with design and brand building roles at Nine West, Lucky Brand, Marc Ecko Enterprise, and Kathy Van Zeeland. She believes in design with a unique yet universal appeal born from the wanderlust that fuels her creative work.