Fluxus agency – Media Production & Rental Space

Fluxus agency can source professional photographers / videographers for your visual needs (events, product, fashion, interiors, architecture, jewelry, etc.)

With more than 22 years of experience as photographer / contents producer, Vincent Sung can supervise or shoot your product(s) / brand(s) to achieve the highest quality visuals …

In partnership with Rooftop studio (Thonglor) and Soy Sauce Factory (Chinatown), we have at your disposition:

– professional rental studio with pro lightings (we can also rent additional specific lights & equipment for your visual requirements)

– a team of creatives; from animation to commercial videographers & photographers, graphic designers, grafitti artists

– customized set for TVC, photo shoots and more

– production in Bangkok and all over Thailand (fixers and local producers)

From Tungsten to HMI or flash to LED lights, we listen to your visual wishes and can create them on location or in studio/interiors as well as offering retouching services.

For TV commercial to movie castings, to clothes fitting or private events, to test launching in small group; we scout the best venues in Bangkok and our flagship art space – Soy Sauce Factory is available for rent as multi-usage space for your company event / launch.

Soy Sauce Factory art space: the first floor serves as an art gallery with monthly rotating exhibitions & a casual bar / kitchenette

From our H.Q. in Thonglor, our design team is working on Mac stations, creating stunning designs (logo, fliers, brochures, annual reports), or retouching the latest images for your advertising campaign.

Inquiries: lefluxbangkok@gmail.com

+66(0)813 012 669



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